More Than A Buzzword

We’re bombarded with news about every single thing imaginable. Take, for example, COMT. What exactly is it? Why is it important? Is COMT just another buzzword (or acronym as the case may be)? Like MTHFR, COMT is related to our genetics. Both of them regulate how nutrients are processed in our bodies. It’s possible to have a mutation related to either (or perhaps even both) of these genes that can cause physical and even psychological health problems.

COMT And Methylation

The COMT gene is incredibly important to both neurological functionality and regulation of mood. The COMT gene is a methylation gene. Methylation is a biological chemical process in which one carbon atom and three hydrogen atoms are transferred to molecules within the body to make them more stable. Stability in molecular function is necessary for:

Methylation initiates necessary metabolic functions and turns them off. It’s the switch that causes necessary hormonal and other reactions to happen in the body.

The COMT gene initiates an enzyme in the body called catechol-O-methyltransferase. It affects the way the body processes estrogen and neurotransmitters . Neurotransmitters are chemicals found primarily in the brain and nervous system that help regulate involuntary functions like breathing and making sure your heart beats. It also affects several areas related to psychology wellness, including:

In other words, if there is a mutation in the COMT gene, your body may have difficulty breaking down certain catecholamines, a certain kind of neurotransmitters. With a COMT gene mutation, your body may not be able to correctly regulate:

What That Means For You

A COMT gene mutation can result in a significant number of symptoms because there are multiple possible variations to this gene. It can lead to:

How To Manage A COMT Gene Mutation

There are several things you can do if you suspect you have a COMT gene mutation. They include:

If you’re feeling unwell, or perhaps just not quite yourself, there are supportive treatments available for managing COMT gene mutation effects.

The Wellness Connection Aesthetics & Health

The Wellness Connection Aesthetics & Health in Ellensburg, WA provides genetic testing services to determine whether you have the COMT gene mutation. We can use that and adjunctive lab tests to determine a course of treatment that can allow you to recover your health and energy. Contact us today so we can help you.

Disclaimer: The information contained here was not written by a medical doctor and is intended for informational purposes only. This is not a substitute for medical advice.

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