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Who I am

Sarah Darveau Foster ARNP FNP-BC

I starting off my nursing career in the emergency department. I was able to learn so much about diseases and what their progression looked like through time.

Working there I realized that something was missing in regards to treatment. Healthcare professionals tend to hand out a pill or make suggestions to help alleviate symptoms then send patients off to figure out how to get better on their own.

I asked myself,

“Why do we never really get an understanding of the patient’s symptoms?”

“How do we help people better understand what may be contributing to their disease and what can we do to fix it?”

While this is a complex and multifaceted problem, I found a good place to start to implement change is by allowing more time to be spent listening to the person sitting in the room.

Time allows me to get more curious about symptoms and to ask more follow up questions hopefully leading to a more comprehensive treatment plan.

This also allows a more meaningful connection between provider and patient- something that is lacking in the current healthcare mill.

Time spent with patients and a focus on wellness is what prompted me to start The Wellness Connection Aesthetics and Health. I am hoping to provide care that will provide interventional treatment before you get sick.

Two questions to ask yourself-

“Who do you want to be when you are 80?”


“Are you working towards that goal?”

Who we are

About Us

At The Wellness Connection Aesthetics and Health our goal is simple. It is to focus on your goals in relation to your health.

After nearly fifteen years of inpatient and outpatient clinic experience and a personal passion for nutrition and wellness, it has culminated and grown into The Wellness Connection Aesthetics and Health.

Random Quote

“We are passionate about you feeling your best everyday. We believe this can be accomplished by working together to problem solve areas of concern”