Weight Management

Do you think you need to lose weight?

The weight loss struggle is real. More than 70% of Americans are struggling with weight loss or are already obese. Many people desire weight loss because they just feel better at a more manageable weight. At a reduced weight they find they have more energy, patience, less desire to eat/over eat and have increased motivation.

Solid research is finally emerging that obesity is a disease and can be attributed to neuroendocrine disruption. As the medical world finally catches up with the fact that people who are overweight or obese should not be considered lazy, but rather caught in a cycle of weight loss, slow metabolism, and weight re-gain.

The old adage, “Eat less and exercise more,” is not considered good medicine anymore. Often time’s pharmaceutical intervention is necessary and will likely need to be used intermittently throughout the patient’s life to keep the weight off.

If you want to make a change that will likely positively affect all aspects of your life, schedule a consult to chat about it. We will go over your current eating habits, exercise, life style habits, discuss pharmaceutical options and get preliminary fasting labs. We will likely order CBC, CMP, full thyroid panel, lipids, hemoglobin A1c, fasting insulin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, prolactin, IGF-1, CRP, and HS. If there are any underlying medical conditions, this is a good way to find them and formulate a treatment plan to address them. Most times, treating obesity will treat the disease seen in the blood work such as high cholesterol or diabetes.

There are several medications that we can use to help assist you with weight loss. The three listed below tend to show the best results.


This medication has been used in weight loss for quite a while. It is a stimulant increasing energy, motivation, and decreasing appetite. People typically expect to lose 8-10% of body weight within a year of starting. The best results are elicited when diet and an exercise program is implemented.


This class of medications, known as GLP-1 agonists has been on the market treating diabetes for about 20 years. This specific medication has been used to treat diabetes for the past 6 years. People typically lose 10-20% of their body weight after being on this for 1 year. Just like phentermine, the best results are happen when diet and exercise are incorporated in to the program.

Weight Loss Kit-

This kit includes Sermorelin acetate, low dose naltrexone, and Lipo-Trim sublingual spray. Sermorelin is a naturally occurring hormone that increases growth hormone from the pituitary and may aid in weight loss by decreasing recovery time after workout and increasing metabolism. This is a nightly subcutaneous shot. Low dose naltrexone may help with decreasing insulin levels and increasing growth hormone resulting in gaining of muscle and loss of fat. This may help with decreasing appetite and reducing cravings. There has been some recent studies that suggest low dose naltrexone may help with reducing systemic inflammation. Lipo-Trim sublingual spray is made of amino acids and B vitamins that may further aid in increased metabolism, supporting the immune system, and helping to convert fat into energy.

Injections and Infusions-

We will also offer a variety of injections and infusions to further assist with basic nutrition and to enhance metabolism. Ensuring your body has the building blocks essential for weight loss is the absolute foundation of a good weight loss program. This may include recommendations for a high quality multivitamin, vitamin B12 injections, vitamin D3 injections, biotin injections, and/or various IV infusions.

As we shift our thinking about obesity- we need to consider the fact that this is a life long disease that will require life long treatment. Long-term treatment plans vary among patients and will be completely customized per the persons needs. We will help you work towards your goal, and then help give you the tools to keep the weight off long term.